Brick, stone, and concrete cleaning with Dustless media blasting

Natural Stone is a beautiful product that gives a rustic and sturdy design to any outdoor landscape. Outdoor kitchens, veneer stone exteriors, flagstones, stacked stone columns, landscape boulders, retaining stone walls, and most stonework can transformed with Dustless Vapor Blasting. Over time your stone work , whether on your house or a part of your landscape, will weather and stain. Many times people who water with sprinkler systems will find constant watering will stain their beautiful stone work. There are many causes of the discoloration of natural stone, but the end result is the same. Being stuck with unsightly stone work draws your attention and becomes a focal point.

So what is the solution? Pressure washing is usually the first reaction and sometimes will have modest results. However significant discoloration or staining will not be affected with pressure washing alone. Harmful chemicals can be exactly that, Harmful! Chemicals can react with a stone hardscape in a negative way. They can also damage surrounding plant life. Shrubs and grass can be damaged or killed with enough harmful chemicals making this a costly mistake. The answer is simple: UGLY BLASTER MOBILE DUSTLESS MEDIA BLASTING OF GEORGIA. Ugly Blaster offers stone cleaning services to those with stained and discolored stone work.

Our proprietary equipment mixes water and blasting media together and blast this solution out at low to moderate pressure. The simple way to describe what we do is sandblast with water mixed into the blasting solution. This keeps the dust down (almost non-existent) and the media temperature cool. Our blasting media is usually crushed glass or sugar sand, depending on the application. The end result is stain and discoloration are no match and quickly go away. This is the most efficient way to bring back that "new" look to your stone. Our system will not damage your stone and is not harmful to surrounding landscape. Because it's dustless surrounding property and people are not affected. Any media left behind will be disposed of by Ugly Blaster before we leave. Stone work of any kind is able to be blasted and some of the more common stone we see is Tennessee Fieldstone, Veneer Fieldstone, Boulders, Flagstone (including Brown and Blue Crab Orchard, Cobblestone) Natural Stone Pavers, Granite, Sandstone and any natural stone.

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Sometimes concrete/cement driveways and sidewalks will stain. Many times this stain can not be removed through traditional methods such as pressure washing. This discoloration is embedded into the concrete and is unsightly to look at.

Ugly Blaster Mobile Dustless Media Blasting of Georgia has a proven method to removing this stain and discoloration. We use sand or glass media while mixing water into a blasting solution. Our equipment then takes this media solution and blast it out of a nozzle at moderate to low pressure. This method to removing stains and discoloration is very effective. Stains are removed quickly without damaging the concrete. Years of discoloration disappear in short order. Your concrete flat work will look like it did when it was new.

Clean up is easy and our blasting media is harmless to your yard and landscape. We will sweep and blow your driveway and sidewalk before we leave.

Ask about how we can remove oil stains from your driveway!

Ugly Blaster Pool Media Blasting

Pool maintenance can be a headache and require special expertise. Shotcrete or gunite pools that are painted will eventually need to have the paint removed or heavily cleaned. Calcium build up along with oxidation can leave the pool discolored. Many pools have tile or brick pavers embedded in the concrete flat work. Harsh chemicals are labor intensive and harmful to surrounding landscape. The most efficient way to remove calcium deposits or even the paint itself is dustless media blasting. We use media (crushed glass, glass beads, sugar sand) mixed with water and blast with low to moderate pressure to strip or clean painted surfaces. Crushed glass or sugar sand is the media of choice but at times glass beads are necessary. Ugly Blaster Mobile Dustless Media Blasting is set up to tackle any of your painted pool and masonry needs and clean up is always included. Allow our company to clean your pool and get you ready for swimming season. CALL FOR YOUR FREE PHONE CONSULTATION TODAY! 770-276-0893

Ugly Blaster, Mobile Dustless Media Blasting of Georgia has the ability to blast any concrete / cement pool. Before restoring and painting your pool have Ugly Blaster strip it down. We mix crushed glass or sand with water and blast it at moderate pressure. This is an efficient and very effective way of removing any mold, mildew, any growth or discoloration. New pool paint requires the proper surface to adhere to in order to warranty their product. No messy chemicals and because it's dustless your home or adjacent vehicles will not be affected.

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