Graffiti removal with dustless blasting in Georgia

Did someone tag your business with graffiti? Has your home been vandalized by an aspiring artist? Whether it's your place of business or personal living space Ugly Blaster Mobile Dustless Media Blasting of Georgia has the solution. We offer a complete graffiti removal service. Our technicians can remove graffiti off of brick, concrete, or wood siding without damaging the finish. Curious about the cost? Simple graffiti "tag" removal jobs can performed without breaking the bank, and usually in under an hour. Call for a free estimate. 770-276-0893

Grafitti removal in less an hour (770)276-0893

How do we do it?

We mix crushed glass and water together, and blast at a controlled rate to remove the paint. The crushed glass we use is recycled glass, and completely environmentally friendly. The process is clean and quick, because it's dustless adjacent buildings or pedestrians will not be affected. Your building will not be damaged with harsh chemicals or other sloppy methods. We clean up before we leave and any residual media simply is absorbed into the earth with no damaging effects to the landscape.
Whether it's gang related or mischievous teenagers, do not allow your property to be known as the place to vandalise. Vandals will pay attention to how fast you remove their art work. If they can not enjoy their creations they will move on to another location next time.

Your building is one of your business's greatest assets. When it's tagged it causes a psychological effect on all involved. Remove the graffiti as fast as possible by calling Ugly Blaster Mobile Dustless Media Blasting of Georgia. We gladly offer free estimates over the phone. 770-276-0893

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