Fire and smoke restoration on masonry

Ugly Blaster, Mobile Dustless Media Blasting of Georgia covers Dixie like the dew. We service Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida and for the right job we will go further.
One of the many markets we fill is burned and smoked damaged properties. Many times a homeowner, or a fire/smoke renovation company, will call on our company to clean smoke damaged brick. We accomplish this without harmful chemicals or high pressure power washing. Most times pressure washing alone will not clean brick, block, or any masonry surface.

How do we do it?

Ugly Blaster, Mobile Dustless Media Blasting mixes crushed glass media and water together as a blasting solution. We blast this mixture under moderate to low pressure (100-120 psi). This combination is very effective at removing smoke and fire damage from brick and block.
The black soot falls to the ground along with the crushed glass media. The water makes the process dustless. Traditional sandblasting throws a "cloud" of blasting residue into the air which can cover adjacent properties. Dustless Vapor Blasting with crushed glass is environmentaly friendly and will not harm plant life or pets.
This system is so effective Ugly Blaster is able to get in and out. We understand contractors do not want one sub contractor holding up another sub contractor. Most of our jobs are completed in under a day.

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